Building an App Using JavaScript / TypeScript & Node

Having spent over twenty years on developer tools I was convinced that Eclipse is the last development tool I work on. I was wrong. It all started five years ago as an experiment to see what is possible when it comes to developing in the browser using modern JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Five years later […]

Server-Side JavaScript on a Java Platform

This presentation is about a new platform for server-side JavaScript applications on the Java Virtual Machine, using the node programming model, APIs, and the module ecosystem. These Java/JavaScript hybrid applications can leverage capabilities of both environments, accessing the latest node frameworks while taking advantage of the Java platform’s scalability, manageability, tools, and extensive collection of […]

Anti-Patterns of Node.js Applications

The rapid adoption of Node.js has resulted in a significant amount of patterns and approaches from the community, some which work and others that have completely failed. This session will highlight the anti-patterns of Node.js, such as Callback Hell, how to write better applications and the lessons Ben has learned while building Node.js applications.

Using Node.js for Everything

Learn how a company can be built completely on JavaScript and succeed. This presentation covers the most important aspects of using Node.js and JavaScript, for basically everything there is in a fast-moving company, including planning for scalability and performance.

Effective Node.js Programming and Module Creation

This presentation demonstrates how to effectively program Node.js applications and author your own modules. Whether you are relatively new to Node or a seasoned practitioner, this talk will give you several ideas you can implement right away to make you a more effective Node programmer.

browserver: a node.js HTTP server in your browser

Browserver is an exploration in simplifying application architecture, by looking at it upside-down, and turning web browsers into Internet-addressable web servers. It exposes a node.js-like API in the browser, tunnelling HTTP over WebSockets so that you don’t need to roll your own custom code to connect the various pieces of your web architecture to your […]