Unbundling the JavaScript Module Bundler

The landscape of JavaScript module bundlers has evolved significantly since the days you would manually copy-paste your libraries to create a package for your JavaScript app. Like many parts of the JavaScript world, the evolution has happened somewhat haphazardly, and the pace of change can feel overwhelming. Has Webpack ever felt like magic to you? How well do you understand what is really going on under the hood? This video uncovers the history of JavaScript module bundlers and illustrates how they actually work. Once we have the basics down, it will dive deeper into some of the more advanced topics, such as module caching and resolving cycling dependencies. At the end of this session, you will have a much more profound understanding of what is going on behind the scenes.

Key take-away from this JavaScript module bundler presentation:
* Learn about the bends in the road that lead us to modern bundlers, such as Browserify or Webpack.
* Understand how modern module bundlers, such as Webpack, actually work.
* Gain knowledge necessary to build your own bundler, should you every wish to do that.
* Understand certain advanced features of module bundlers.

Video producer: http://oredev.org/