Task Processing, APIs, and Big Data in JavaScript with actionhero.js

There are tons of options for doing data processing in other languages such as Java and Python. With actionhero.js, you can use Node.js’s event loop model to create a scalable and cohesive API for processing and serving large amounts of data. From the actionhero.js documentation, here’s a quick synopsis of this great framework: actionhero.js is a multi-transport API server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks. The goal of actionhero.js is to create an easy-to-use toolkit for making reusable and scalable APIs. In this session, we’ll use actionhero.js to build some examples, with lots of code, to demonstrate the capabilities of this framework. We’ll consume some data, do some task processing, then access the data via an API. We’ll use WebSockets along with standard HTTP to build a real-time, web-enabled, application.

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