Go Serverless with VueJS

With the rise of serverless architectures, JavaScript developers have the power to do more with less. Rather than spending time and energy deploying and managing a server, they can now focus on the business logic driving their applications. Serverless functions moreover allow for compartmentalizing your application so your logic is sequestered in a function and can scale automagically without any worry or fuss. What’re more, you pay only for what you use! This examines strategies for building applications in VueJS with a serverless mindset. Specifically, it goes through a real life use cases of how we can bank on serverless functions to do the work of making API calls and communicating with third party services. Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications that features an incrementally adoptable architecture that focuses on declarative rendering and component composition. Advanced features required for complex applications such as routing, state management and build tooling are offered via officially maintained supporting libraries and packages.

Video producer: https://gotochgo.com/