Functional Style Javascript Guide

With modern JavaScript, we have seen a rise in functional style JavaScript popularity. This style introduces a whole slew of terms and patterns that have different connotations depending on who you are talking to. Phrases like purity, higher order functions, and currying are thrown around all over the place. What does “no side effects” mean, and what about when you need to get something done? And what in the world is a ‘monad’?

This presentation walks through the world of the functional JavaScript programmer and shows how these phrases and patterns fit into modern JavaScript development. The video works through functions as first class objects in JavaScript and show how we can use that feature to write clean, maintainable, and reusable code. You will also walk away armed with the information you need to see through all the hype. You will have a firm grasp of where these patterns are useful, and as importantly, where they are not.

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