Building Mobile Applications with JavaScript

Building mobile applications with JavaScript is becoming a popular approach as a valid alternative to building applications natively. React Native it today the technology leader in this field.

There are many reasons to build mobile applications with JavaScript:
* Cutting down product development costs by using a single code base to target both Android and iOS
* Access to a large community of developers
* Applying existing web development knowledge and ecosystem to mobile apps

Based on the experience from building multiple mobile apps using both React Native and native technologies, the presenter explains the pros and cons of React Native and how the technology compares with native app development. Not every new application should be built using React Native and you have to consider the product and resources before taking a decision. Existing or new applications could also benefit from integrating React Native and running certain parts of the application with JavaScript in parallel to the native environment. Mobile app developers will learn if the could consider hybrid technologies such as React Native for their next project.

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