All You Need to Know About TypeScript

There have been several attempts at patching static typing into JavaScript, but none have had notable success. TypeScript is different. Aligning with the EcmaScript 6 standard, it is a simple superset of JavaScript that’s easy and intuitive to learn — especially for those who know JavaScript. In this talk you will learn what TypeScript is, what’s new, how it differs from JavaScript, what to be aware of and where I think TypeScript is heading.

TypeScript’s static typing opens up a whole new dimension for large-scale applications. It enables language analysis, gives type safety, refactoring support in IDEs as well as other features that are hard to achieve in JavaScript. Additionally, typing is optional, so you can add typing step by step in your existing application. This presentation will be loaded with code examples. I will give a quick comparison to some related languages like Dart and CoffeeScript, just to show you the difference and explain when TypeScript might be a safer bet. I have looked extensively into TypeScript and used it in production code. Come get the distilled version of what you need to know!

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