Squashing JavaScript Bugs

The web is a dirty place. Traces of javaScript stacks litter the floor; memory leaking from cracks in the ceiling. Someone lost their context in the corner. Load times are slowly crawling along the window. This video presents a live debugging session as we find and squash different kinds of browser bugs. You leave armed […]

Effortless Full-Stack Javascript with MeteorJS

MeteorJS is a free and open-source JavaScript web framework written using Node.js that allows for rapid prototyping and produces cross-platform code that can run on Android, iOS or the Web) code. MeteorJS talks to the MongoDB NoSQL database. It uses the Distributed Data Protocol and a publish–subscribe pattern to automatically propagate data changes to clients […]

Building an App Using JavaScript / TypeScript & Node

Having spent over twenty years on developer tools I was convinced that Eclipse is the last development tool I work on. I was wrong. It all started five years ago as an experiment to see what is possible when it comes to developing in the browser using modern JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Five years later […]

Getting Started with TypeScript

JavaScript has grown from a webpage toy to being used in large-scale deployments both on the server and in the browser. This rapid growth has outpaced the growth of the language itself, which lacks features that allow teams to communicate requirements and build applications safely. This session offers a guided tour of TypeScript, showing how […]

Benchmarking JavaScript

JavaScript is everywhere. JavaScript VMs improve by leaps and bounds. Performance graphs are breaking through the ceilings of expectations. And yet from time to time we still find ourselves wondering whether ‘===’ is faster than ‘==’.

JavaScript Tooling in the Future

JavaScript as a language is changing and because of it our tooling will be changing. Many people look at polyfills and transpilers as a stopgap. However, these types of tools are quickly becoming part of our everyday toolset, and the next generation of tooling will be even more awesome.