Scaling Backbone.js at SoundCloud

SoundCloud has 30 million registered users, 10 hours of audio is uploaded every minute, and since the end of last year has transitioned their entire site to a single page Javascript application using Backbone.js. This didn’t come easy. This video discusses the troubleshooting that went into the implementation for a site with a large, and […]

Backbone.js Introduction

This is an introduction to Backbone.js. He walks you through the framework and lays out the advantages of Backbone.js for your HTML5 application. The conversation includes a demo that deconstructs the different components of an app using Backbone.js. Specific topics include models & collections, views & templates, routers, events and how to leverage data persistence […]

Putting Backbone.js In HTML5

When developing HTML5 applications, your code is bound to get more complex over time. Employing design patterns like MVC are important for separating concerns and creating more modular and reusable code. Backbone.js is one of the more popular JavaScript frameworks to help you do this. Unfortunately, like most open source, the documentation is a work […]

Painless Web App Development with Backbone

Have you ever tried to write a moderately complex browser side application with the assumption that jQuery is probably all you need for the job? I mean, fire off some AJAX requests, then just use some DOM manipulation to put the results where you want them—how hard can it be, right?Would you have enjoyed maintaining […]