Unconventional JavaScript Promises

The intermediate JavaScript developer has come across using promises for AJAX, and many have also used it when building animations, but not much more. I’d like to show you many other situations where using promises, although unconventional, will significantly increase the clarity of your code. I’ll explain how to make the Future/Promise/Deferred pattern first class […]

browserver: a node.js HTTP server in your browser

Browserver is an exploration in simplifying application architecture, by looking at it upside-down, and turning web browsers into Internet-addressable web servers. It exposes a node.js-like API in the browser, tunnelling HTTP over WebSockets so that you don’t need to roll your own custom code to connect the various pieces of your web architecture to your […]

JavaScript Framework Face Off

With so many JavaScript MVC libraries out there, how does a time constrained developer make a smart choice? In this survey, we’ll compare and contrast some of today’s most popular JavaScript frameworks.

Scaling Backbone.js at SoundCloud

SoundCloud has 30 million registered users, 10 hours of audio is uploaded every minute, and since the end of last year has transitioned their entire site to a single page Javascript application using Backbone.js. This didn’t come easy. This video discusses the troubleshooting that went into the implementation for a site with a large, and […]